• Simon Ryan,

    Although I think that we, as business owners, are generally too hard on ourselves, there are moments when you deserve to give yourself a kick. Not hiring Linda sooner is just one such moment.  She quickly got to grips with our process issues and found a number of ways that we could improve. She even figured out how we could get more from our collaboration software, Asana. Linda identified tasks that were being missed and others that were adding little value. The output of a user manual was invaluable.  Don’t make the same mistake as me and lose money while you think that’s just the way things are. Invest in Linda’s valuable advice.

    Simon Ryan, Owner Principal - SJR Media Rocks
  • Mark Nicholls,

    Linda demonstrated commitment and integrity while helping to bring order out of chaos at this dynamic enterprise. As her experience elsewhere demonstrates, Linda was far, far more than an assistant, and she managed a number of high level projects and did much to help me become a better manager.

    Mark Nicholls, Chief Executive - Adept Marketing Group
  • Dale McKillop,

    I worked under Linda’s guidance to improve operational excellence in all aspects of the business processes. Her application of proven principles, operational systems, and tenacity to achieve improvement still holds today in a very successful business. Under her leadership we were able to change the culture and improved performance in a very short time that continues to deliver results.

    Dale McKillop, Managing Director (Structures) - Commercial Vehicle Group Inc
  • Liverson Mdongo,

    During the time I worked with Linda I found her to be a highly mature leader. She was task orientated, and a highly skilled on the job coach to her team. She managed the client with exceptional diligence in getting them to facilitate the delivery of the project. Her professional approach to the job enabled us as a team to deliver beyond what we sold to the client.

    Liverson Mdongo, Managing Director - Intellectual Heights Investments
  • Carolien Samson,

    Linda has an excellent grasp of detail and has the ability to combine operational details with strategic objectives to ensure that an efficient implementable solution can be generated in short time frames. She consistently delivers high quality work and has the ability to communicate and interact with multi-cultural teams.

    Carolien Samson, Campaign Manager - ABSA Bank
  • Francois Smit,

    Dedicated, as well as passionate, with one of the best business attitudes I have ever met. Linda proved to be highly self-motivated but still remaining kind and prepared to discuss problematic issues more than once in order to attract the best available outcome for implementation. Her implementation skills were direct, to the point, and timeous, and with measurable outcomes. A lovely person to work with.

    Francois Smit, Manager - ABSA Bank
  • Anton Stocker,

    Linda was always totally focused on achieving the required results for the client, which she invariably did. She was a meticulous project leader in planning and controlling her resources to achieve project goals, tenacious in their pursuit and energetic in their delivery. A goal-oriented, self- motivated and independent consultant who gets things done.

    Anton Stocker, - Independent Management Consultant
  • Wayne Mills,

    Linda took the business to a new level with the management, productivity and technical changes that she made to the operational side of the business. I would also like to mention the growth of the staff under her management, and would recommend her to improve any part of any business.

    Wayne Mills, Operations Manager - Seven Seas Worldwide Ltd
  • Mark Nicholls,

    Linda was asked to conflate the requirements of demanding teams operating in a number of countries to produce an employee handbook that would work for everyone. Taking account of local customs and laws, she delivered an excellent project on time and on budget.

    Mark Nicholls, Chief Executive - Pantechnik International
  • Joseph Dorrian,

    Empathy and listening are skills which Linda has, and within 24 hours she can produce a plan that is similar to what you were thinking about, but turns it into a working reality.

    Joseph Dorrian, Owner - PreciousPatchz
  • Jane Keet,

    Linda is a friendly professional and interested in helping others. She has solid skills and breadth of experience and has always given me sound advice and support with IT as well as management. She is always smiling, is fun to be with and she has oodles of patience.

    Jane Keet, Independent Consultant - Arbonne International
  • Francesca Booth,

    I found your Conquering Barriers to Business Growth Workshop very informative. Many of the businesses in attendance gleaned useful information that can be easily put into effect regardless of what their business product is. Conquering barriers is a core component to any business owner and your professional yet friendly approach is entirely accepting.

    Francesca Booth, Founder - Dandylion Teas
  • Nadine Monks,

    I have had the pleasure of working with Linda over the last few months during a very challenging period of growth in my business. I have found her very approachable and an invaluable source of information and wisdom. Her sessions have left me motivated and focused every time.

    Nadine Monks, Director - Evolution Forces Families
  • Emily Lambourne,

    I have had several business coaching Skype sessions with Linda over the past few months and long may they continue! She has given me clarity, structure, guidance and support in all problematic areas of my business. Linda is extremely knowledgable and was able to give me some invaluable advice and clear goals as well as planning with me how to achieve them and maximise my revenue. She has inspired and motivated me and I recommend any new business owner to get in touch with her!

    Emily Lambourne, Freelance Graphic Designer - Design Lamb
  • Amanda Flanders,

    I was recently fortunate enough to work with Linda, she coached me on a 1 to 1 basis, over a few months. She helped me to set up clear systems within my business, making it more efficient & streamlined. She was so clear with her direction, making it really easy for me to establishe what needed to be done, then helped me to work out how to do it. Her calm & patient manner was fantastic. I look forward to working with her more in the future.

    Amanda Flanders, Owner - Butterflies & Dreams Events
  • Mike MacLeod,

    Everett MacLeod Limited hired Linda at a time the team lacked confidence in our processes and I wanted to improve them. Linda came well recommended and delivered ‘in spades’.  I am happy that I have a team that believe in ‘their’ processes and take more responsibility for running them. There has been a noticeable increase in team members requesting changes ‘to make the processes more efficient’ since Linda’s work with us. I can strongly recommend Linda for this type of ‘system improvement’ work.

    Mike MacLeod, Director & Financial Life Planner - Everett MacLeod Limited
  • Jane Apps,

    I found the Conquering Barriers to Business Growth Workshop delivered by Linda Garcia of Alluxi Consulting Ltd, hosted by Produced in Kent, to be very informative. It would be great if more small businesses could be put in touch with this kind of short course. The further assistance and planning for my business was also extremely helpful and I would recommend businesses that recognize they need assistance to get in touch.

    Jane Apps, Owner - The Fat Carrot Catering Ltd
  • Lloyd Stokes,

    Linda’s desire to understand the business and our industry before offering any advice was exactly what we needed and meant she tailored her approach and solutions specifically to us. She has provided us with excellent strategic direction, planning and business processes which are enabling us to be more productive and efficient right now, whilst also meaning we are in a robust position to grow the company.  I would recommend a meeting with Linda to anyone who wants to improve their business now and for the future.

    Lloyd Stokes, Director & Founder - Talent Digital Ltd
  • Jacquie Grace,

    I attended a presentation given by Linda at a Kent entrepreneur group in Folkestone. She gave some advice on progressing our business. Really simple things like write a business plan. I took her advice and with my two colleagues, both directors at Metis Teaining we committed our business plan to paper. This caused us to re focus and very quickly move our business to another level. Thank you Linda.

    Jacquie Grace, Trainer - Metis Training
  • Rebecca Knapp,

    I was lucky enough to receive coaching sessions from Linda as part of a Women in Enterprise course I participated in. Linda was a huge help in allowing me to see the potential of my business, she helped me to focus on specific goals and forced me to look at my finances and where I see my work heading. Together we set a monthly financial target for the rest of the financial year and I’m happy to say that I have met each monthly target (and gone over it on a number of months). Linda’s advice really helped me to focus and to dream a little bigger and it’s exciting to see results already.

    Rebecca Knapp, Textile Artist - Handmade by Bex
  • Francesca Baur,

    Linda supported Fable & Base develop and grow the business. I found Linda to be supportive and offered great advice in moving the business forward. I’d highly recommend Linda for coaching sessions.

    Francesca Baur, Founder & Designer - Fable & Base