As an owner of a business in the early stages – from start-up to around three years – having a tough, critical friend can enable you to build the business mindset and skills that will drive your business through the Stage 1 start-up phase into Stage 2 growth. Our scientific and analytical approach will help you find the path to productivity and profitability.


Build strong business foundations

Alluxi focuses your efforts on building the systems and processes that will provide strong foundations for your business.


Become a more productive business leader

Alluxi works with you to define your business goals, prescribes the behaviour changes you need to make and illuminates a clear pathway to achieving your aims.


Build a more productive and sustainable business

Alluxi brings clarity, defining the proactive tasks that will add value to your business, and designing the information flows that get your crucial facts and figures ‘out of the shoebox’ and into the system.


Develop your management processes

Alluxi guides you through the steps you need to take to build your first team, and gives you the management mechanisms and confidence to delegate without losing control.


Stop firefighting, focus, and achieve profitability

Alluxi highlights how your actions impact your business finances, identifying where profit will come from.


Your critical friend

Alluxi defines the steps towards building a profitable business, bringing clarity to the personal habits and mindset changes you must make.

Together we set a monthly financial target for the rest of the financial year and I’m happy to say that I have met each monthly target (and gone over it on a number of months). Linda’s advice really helped me to focus and to dream a little bigger and it’s exciting to see results already.
Rebecca Knapp, Textile Artist – Handmade by Bex