As the owner of a business with over 50 employees, you have gained momentum, and possibly have your first management team in place. But to drive your business into advanced growth you may need support to move on from the small business mentality and conquer the skills barrier. As your critical friend, we will define your steps towards a more profitable business, implement a more formal management approach with you, and offer accountability to ensure you take action.


Evolve your business through controlled growth

Alluxi crystallises your growth strategies, saving you time by showing you how your business needs to scale up.


Crystallise your processes

Alluxi illuminates hidden opportunities for productivity and profitability, enabling you to target higher goals than you originally thought possible.


Alluxi reduces ‘information chaos’ by delivering robust working practices; minimising the inefficiencies that cost your business money in time and resources so you can build a business that works.


Clarify the steps to productivity

Alluxi nurtures your business skills, raising your business competencies and understanding of how to achieve productivity.


Understand the future needs of your business

Alluxi focuses you on where your business is going and defines best practices and leaner workflows, making it more resilient, flexible and resourceful.


Maximise profitability by reducing unnecessary expense

Alluxi saves growing businesses money on unnecessary recruitment by clarifying who and what you really need.


Train your managers for a more productive workforce.

Alluxi delivers the tools, techniques and skills your managers need to nurture employees towards becoming more productive and effective.

Her application of proven principles, operational systems, and tenacity to achieve improvement still holds today in a very successful business. Under her leadership we were able to change the culture and improved performance in a very short time that continues to deliver results.Dale McKillop, Managing Director (Structures) – Commercial Vehicle Group Inc